Takara Belmont CREA II Barber Chair Standard $2,892.00 Or BB-CRU2 Electric Base $3695.00

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Takara Belmont CREA II Barber Chair


Takara Belmont CREA II Barber Chair: Not every barber is a traditionalist. The Crea II chair ushers in a new look in barber chairs.

There are no sharp edges, no visible screws and no annoying corners for hair to gather.

A special molded plastic gives that soft reassuring feel.

Crea II chairs blend easily into modern salons or more traditional barber shop establishments, for, in any atmosphere, a relaxed customer is more likely to be a regular customer.

The Crea II comes with a built-in headrest.

BB-CRU2 CREA ll Barber Chair with electric base $3695.00