COLLINS 2022 ERGO Styling Chair 7 Year Warranty

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COLLINS 2022 ERGO Styling Chair 7 Year Warranty

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COLLINS 2022 ERGO Styling Chair 7 Year Warranty: The 2022 ERGO, is the first innovation in styling chairs in decades.

The single front-positioned armrest and the recessed footrest encourages the client to sit in an erect posture ... and discourages them from crossing their legs ... WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED!!!

Plus, the absence of the typical side-positioned arms and a big back cushion allows you to work more comfortably than conventional styling chairs permit

No more reaching and stretching, and no more working all day with your arms outstretched.

The patent pending ERGO is less strenuous for the stylist, healthier for the client, and better accommodates clients with long hair.

The small lumbar support comfortably and correctly positions your client in the chair, and the front-positioned arm lifts up and out of the way for easy entry and exit.

The ERGO allows you to spend your work-day without your arms outstretched to reach your clients.

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